Robotics Technology - Tele-operated UGV

Large Explosives Disruption
Law-enforcement and military agencies worldwide are confronted with threats from large explosives and Vehicle Borne IEDs (VBIEDs). Frontline Robotics has developed a remote controlled/tele-operated vehicle called the TUGV (Tele-Operated Unmanned Ground Vehicle) to address these threats. Robots currently used for VBIED disruption are severely limited in their capabilities since these are typically EOD platforms that were not originally designed for disruption of large improvised explosive devices. EOD platforms are small, lightweight and employ batteries for power. The mission requirements for VBIED disruption require disruptors that weigh 150 kg to 700 kg be towed long distances to the VBIED or other explosive threat. A battery operated EOD robot does not have the power, load or towing capacity to meet these requirements. Frontline Robotics has recognized the limitations of these robots and in collaboration with VBIED technical personnel and suppliers1 designed the TUGV to excel in areas where the others failed. Frontline's TUGV has the largest towing capacity and longest run-time of any counter VBIED vehicle platform available today providing first-responders a multi-purpose vehicle capable of performing under the most challenging conditions imaginable.

Click here to watch TUGV testing videos.

1: For counter VBIED solutions, Frontline Robotics is working with Ideal Products Inc. and MREL Group of Companies Limited.

Standard Features
Frontline Robotics’ TUGV boasts a long list of standard features including:

  • 1750 lb towing capacity
    • enough to tow the largest VBIED "battle wagons"
  • 1000 lb payload capacity in the rear cargo bed
    • provides the ability to carry mission-critical equipment to remote sites
  • 100 lb payload capacity on the front deck
    • provides the ability to carry optional CBRNE sensors and equipment
  • Powerful 40HP EFI gasoline engine and integral 2.8kW generator
    • unprecedented power to tow a "battle wagon" uphill, downhill, and over rough terrain
    • extended mission run time regardless of weather conditions
    • 12V and 24V power for on-board accessories and future payloads
    • on-board charging of system batteries
  • Long range operation via wireless communication system
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) and wide-angle driving cameras
    • provide the operator mission critical video data
    • full recording capability for mission debriefing and review
    • can be used to monitor dangerous situations from a safe distance
  • Four 35W HID Xenon spotlights
    • provide night-time illumination all around the TUGV
    • can be used as scene lights for extended night-time operations
  • Operator Control Station (OCU)
    • rugged laptop-based system built to MIL-STD-810G specifications
    • provides access and control to all vehicle functions and on-board accessories
    • displays real-time video from PTZ and driving cameras
    • displays real-time data from optional CBRNE sensors
    • includes hitch release and firing control for VBIED "battle wagon"
    • includes 4 preset speed settings
  • Dual operating modes
    • TUGV is human drivable using original vehicle controls
    • tele-remote operation using OCU
    • provides flexibility and makes the TUGV a true multi-purpose vehicle

Optional Features
The flexible design of the TUGV allows Frontline to offer the following optional features:

  • CBRNE sensors
  • GPS sensor
  • Robot arm
  • Upgrade to AUGV (Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle) operation

Additional Capabilities
Frontline Robotics can customize the TUGV to suit other needs. Please contact us if you have additional requirements.

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