Robotics Technology - Command and Control

The Frontline Robotics Base Station system is compatible with the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) standard in the domains of:

  • Command
  • Control
  • Communications
  • Computers
  • Intelligence
  • Surveillance
  • Reconnaissance
  • Combat support
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Weapon systems

The Base Station supports collaboration between robotic elements, fixed sensors and human elements via multiple display and input device types. Multiple Base Station instances are accommodated.

Features and system characteristics include:

  • MDI - multiple document interface
  • Realtime operations (monitoring)
  • GIS
  • Map building/editing
  • Path building/editing
  • Obstacle display
  • Waypoint navigator
  • Motion simulator
  • Path builder - genetic algorithm
  • Realtime video feedback with target tracking
  • Tele-remote vehicle control (joystick) - primitive manoeuvre (full remote), vector manoeuvre (interruptible autonomy), waypoint manoeuvre (interruptible autonomy), repeating path (interruptible autonomy)
  • Heads-up multiple vehicle telemetry/sensor display (speed, pitch, roll, yaw, azimuth, engine vitals, sensor (LMS) visual display
  • Virtual 3D visualization environment based on real sensor data
  • Data capture / replay
  • Voice-activated commands
  • Aural operator alerts
  • Resource management and control (robots, sensors, team-hierarchies, robot payload management)
  • Intruder/unknown object tracking
  • XML support