Robotics Technology

Frontline Robotics develops and delivers a range of mobile robotic solutions for homeland security and commercial security applications.

These solutions are built around our core technology, the Robot Open Control™ (The ROC™), a robot operating system that provides autonomy and cognitive collaboration for teams of mobile robots. With the patent-pending Team Intelligence architecture of the ROC, robots collaborate in real time to provide security forces with improved situational awareness and respond to security breaches in a coordinated manner, providing disruption and interdiction capabilities.

Robot Integration and System Delivery: Our model is to work closely with homeland security authorities, defense contractors and security solutions companies to deliver robotic systems to meet their needs. A system-level solution comprises several key technologies:

  • The ROC provides overall system coordination and mission-level programming of mobile robots and fixed sensors;
  • Vehicle platforms are selected based on the specific mission, operating environment, sensor payload and terrain;
  • Sensors are chosen to provide vision and perception for navigation and threat detection capabilities needed on board the robots to achieve the mission;
  • End-effectors are chosen to suit the mission; and
  • Systems engineering is performed to integrate robot command & control and alarm reporting with existing security assets, personnel and procedures.

Graduated Autonomy and Operator Assist: The ROC is able to provide various levels of autonomy to existing mobile robots working in CBRNE or urban warfare/policing missions. Let operators concentrate on the threat/response environment and direct robots at a situation map level, while the robots perform obstacle avoidance and close-in navigation on their own.

Full Autonomy and Collaboration: The ROC is able to provide complete autonomy to robots patrolling an airport perimeter or scanning for hazardous materials in a container yard. Teams of robots collaborate with a 'hive mind' to provide unmatched wide-area situational awareness and coordinated response to threat scenarios. They communicate alarm conditions, real time video and other sensor data to security forces via a base station, giving personnel the ability to formulate response plans from a position of safety.