Robotics Technology - Sensors

Robots are useful only if equipped with the sensors necessary to perceive their environment and provide accurate data that can be turned into information. Our core capability in sensor fusion takes raw data from a variety of sensors and combines it with advanced mathematics into best estimations of robot position, pose and progress, or the location of a potential threat.

We deploy a range of sensor technologies and are always looking for more. If you have some interesting technology or require our fusion expertise, please contact us at

Navigation: we combine GPS, inertial navigation, vehicle odometry/telemetry, optics, lasers and radar to help robots perceive their position, pose and progress relative to known maps and objectives.

Obstacle Avoidance: scanning lasers, radar and other technologies help us to navigate around obstacles that weren't previously known to a robot.

Anomaly Detection: the core capability of any security mission is to perceive anomalies; from moving objects that shouldn't be there, to unwanted radiation or moisture, to subtle physical changes in an environment that can signal a breach of security. We are continuously evaluating and deploying a range of the best devices available, from 360-degree continuous vision optics to 3-D vision systems to radiation sensors.