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Frontline Robotics Proves Fully Autonomous Robots Can Collaborate
Frontline to Showcase GRUNTs at RoboBusiness Conference May 10

Ottawa, ON Canada - 20 April 2005 - Frontline Robotics Inc today announced that it has achieved cognitive-level collaboration between fully autonomous robots. Two of the Company's GRUNTs (unmanned GRound UNiTs)™ on April 5 th successfully demonstrated contested gate navigation. Both GRUNTs were aware that they wanted to go through a narrow gate at the same time, and decided for themselves who should go first. Sophisticated third-party viewers of the demonstration concluded that, in their experience, this was a world's first achievement. Frontline will be exhibiting a GRUNT at the upcoming robotics business conference in Boston, RoboBusiness, where they are a premier sponsor (

Frontline Robotics develops and markets the Robot Open Control™ (ROC), a robot operating system for teams of collaborative security robots. In March of this year Frontline announced the sale of its first homeland security-class license of the ROC to leading aerospace electronics developer DoDAAM Systems Ltd. of the Republic of Korea. Reports from the BBC and the Globe and Mail quote South Korean officials stating their intent to spend up to $2B robotizing the DMZ with North Korea.

The achievement of cognitive-level collaboration is a significant development for the security robotics industry. Now, robots can develop group situational awareness, where every robot in a team sees what every other robot sees in a 'hive intelligence'. Robots can work together over a large area to perceive a security threat and take action in a coordinated manner to 'disrupt and interdict' the threat at the point of intrusion. This buys security forces valuable time in formulating response tactics.

"Our mission is to deploy robots to improve security and keep people out of harm's way", said Richard Lepack, President & CEO of Frontline Robotics . "We see robots as vigorous, mobile reinforcements to fixed sensors and security personnel. Let robots take that dangerous, first close-in look at potential threats and allow personnel to develop their response from a position of safety."

Frontline Robotics is initially targeting border security applications and perimeter security for critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants or dams.

"Wherever the security task is dull, dangerous and dirty, robots should be in the front line", said Lepack. "We're proud of the achievement of our team of bright, innovative engineers. They have moved us a critical step closer to our goal of deploying homeland security robots into field trials this year."

About Frontline Robotics Inc:

Frontline Robotics is an innovator in collaborative machine intelligence. Their patent-pending technology, the Robot Open Control™, is a Team Intelligence™ software platform for the control of teams of mobile robots performing coordinated missions in public security applications. The company is actively licensing the Robot Open Control to security, robotics and defense organizations, and is using commercial-off-the-shelf technology to deliver working robots to market. For more information, please visit the company web site at

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