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Collaborative Security Robots about to enter Field Trials
Frontline Robotics Licenses Robot Open Control™ to South Korean Partner

Ottawa, ON, Canada - 21 March 2005 - Frontline Robotics Inc., developer and marketer of the Robot Open Control™ (ROC) robot operating system for collaborative, mobile robotics, today announced the sale of its first homeland security-class license of the ROC to leading aerospace electronics developer DoDAAM Systems Ltd. of the Republic of Korea. The two companies have signed a multi-year Teaming Agreement for the further development of security robots and joint marketing programs to homeland security and defense customers worldwide.

A Mobile Autonomous Guard System™ (MAGS) will be delivered to South Korea in the spring of 2005. The MAGS consists of two unmanned GRound UNiTs (GRUNTs) that are based on the Argo All-Terrain-Vehicle (, a Base Station command and control system and a complete software development environment. Frontline has integrated commercial-off-the-shelf sensors and the PC-104 industrial computer onto the vehicles. The Robot Open Control, Frontline Robotics' Team IntelligenceT software platform, provides fully autonomous operation and decision-making collaboration between GRUNTs. GRUNTs work as a team to detect intruders and to 'disrupt and interdict' threats at the point of intrusion. Suitable for Dull, Dangerous, Dirty work (The Three D's of Robotics), GRUNTs are reinforcements to existing security assets and personnel, sent in to take a close look at security threats and communicate with personnel who remain in a position of safety.

The ROC has a patent-pending architecture employing multiple procedural reasoning engines to limit search space and improve deterministic performance of collaborative robot teams. Multiple teams of robots can be deployed in coordinated missions with near-real-time group situational awareness.

"Our agreement with DoDAAM has given us a world-class partner with engineering, manufacturing and marketing capabilities", said Richard Lepack, President & CEO of Frontline Robotics. "DoDAAM has selected The ROC as a software platform for tough robot team assignments. Our joint mission is to improve security at critical installations and keep people out of harm's way".

"We're on the ground floor of a huge emerging marketplace", said Lepack. "Security robotics has an important future. Achieving a world-first sale of collaborative security robots launches our company into that future with a strong start."

About DoDAAM Systems Ltd
DoDAAM Ltd. is an award-winning developer and integrator of aerospace electronics and simulation systems. DoDAAM has established an Unmanned Vehicle Division to develop robotic products for international security and defense markets. DoDAAM intends to deploy MAGS for border security and the protection of critical infrastructure including military bases, airports and power plants. For more information, please visit the company web site at

About Frontline Robotics Inc
Frontline Robotics is an innovator in collaborative machine intelligence. Their proprietary product, the Robot Open Control, is a Team Intelligence™ software platform for the control of teams of mobile robots performing coordinated missions in air-land-sea homeland security applications. The company is actively licensing the Robot Open Control to security, robotics and defense companies, and is using commercial-off-the-shelf technology to deliver working robots to field trials. For more information, please visit the company web site at

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