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Frontline Robotics Announces Availability of the Robot Open Control™ (The ROC) at Unmanned Vehicle Systems Canada Trade Show in Ottawa

Company plans open demonstration of The ROC powering an unmanned ground vehicle on September 15th at National Research Council grounds at the Ottawa Airport

Ottawa, ON, Canada - 08 September 2004 - Frontline Robotics Inc., a provider of control software and systems integration for collaborative, mobile robotics, today announced the availability of The Robot Open Control™, their Team Intelligence™ software platform, to the international marketplace. The announcement took place at the second annual Unmanned Vehicle Systems Canada trade show (

The ROC has a patent-pending architecture employing multiple procedural reasoning engines to limit search space and improve deterministic performance of autonomous robots. The unique architecture allows multiple teams of robots to be deployed in coordinated missions with real-time collaboration amongst and between teams. The company is targeting The ROC to critical infrastructure security and defense applications.

"Several years of R&D effort by our team has resulted in the successful realization of the Robot Open Control", said Richard Lepack, President & CEO of Frontline Robotics . "We're now in pre-commercialization phase, engaging strategic international customers for proof-of-concept trials in security and defense. Using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) vehicles, sensors and computers, and our compact, high-performance software engine, we have achieved a price point suitable for deployment in homeland security. We believe that the counter-terrorism market is ready for the use of robots to provide increased security and to keep people out of harm's way".

Frontline Robotics is seeking defense organizations, governments, transportation authorities and security systems integrators for partnership in proof-of-concept trials. The patrol of outdoor perimeters around airports, power plants, oil fields and military installations, the patrol of borders, scanning for hazardous materials and personnel in container yards and subway tunnels; these are a few of the applications suitable for mobile robot teams with today's technology.

"We're excited to be on the ground floor of this emerging marketplace, and to be making this announcement in the UVS Canada setting", said Lepack. "UVS Canada is doing tremendous work in getting the Canadian mobile robotics community to gather momentum. They've given us the opportunity to expose our technology, which is unique, functional and ready for licensing. We're looking forward to a very busy year leading to commercial deployment in 2006."

About Frontline Robotics

Frontline Robotics Inc. is an innovator in collaborative machine intelligence. Their proprietary product, the Robot Open Control, is a Team Intelligence software platform for the control of teams of mobile robots performing coordinated missions in air-land-sea security and defense applications. The company is actively licensing the Robot Open Control to security, robotics and defense companies, and is using COTS technology to deliver working robots to end-customers. For more information, please visit the company web site at

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