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Frontline Robotics Announces the Formation of a Marketing & Sales Consortium with Two Canadian Partners for the Global Biodefence and Security Market.

Ottawa, ON Canada - June 6, 2008 Frontline Robotics Inc. today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form a marketing and sales Consortium with ALERT B&C Corporation and Dragon Sécurité International Inc.

Frontline Robotics Inc. develops and markets mobile robotics platforms and tools that focus on public security and safety. Frontline has developed a unique robot operating system and architecture called the Robot Open Control, "The ROC". The ROC provides autonomy and cognitive collaboration for teams of mobile robots allowing mobile robots to be an alert and to be a mobile decision support system that provides real-time information and communications to first responders and security personnel that work from a position of safety. ALERT B&C is the developer and manufacturer of Detection & Identification instruments for Biological & Chemical agents, the TRAKER™. These Instruments are compact, portable laboratories, which operate in the field providing instantaneous identification and analyses of potential threats. The TRAKER™ instruments are based on Mass Spectrometry and incorporate the Corporation's proprietary Metastable Atom Bombardment "MAB" technology. ALERT B&C owns worldwide multi-layered Patent & Marketing rights to the MAB™ technology used in the TRAKER™. Dragon Sécurité International Inc. is a camera surveillance integrator that also offers support for hand held PDA devices as a monitoring tool. The three companies believe that by combining their strength in detection, identification, mobility and software capabilities, they can provide better custom solutions to clients by offering much needed global solution to the Defence & Security market.

The primary client bases targeted by the Consortium are the First Responders, Police & Fire departments, Paramedics and others who need to secure and monitor commercial buildings and critical infrastructure. The Consortium is also tackling military applications and other civil applications such as airports security.

"Our robotic platform combined with ALERT B&C TRAKER™ proprietary equipment enclosing the patented MAB technology and Dragon's camera monitoring system provides a unique solution to the Defense/Security market worldwide." said Mr. Bob Smith, Vice-President of Frontline Robotics Inc.

"The Consortium will provide a world class solution for the war on bioterrorism. As a Canadian company we were ideally looking for Canadian strategic partners and setting up our own custom integration partnership was an ingenious way of developing, marketing and selling our products as a mobile Detection Solution worldwide. This is the first step towards making and branding our Canadian Defense/Security Industry with its very unique potential", said Dr. Suzanne L. Lebel, Chairman & Executive Vice-President of ALERT B&C Corporation.

"We are very excited about the unique set of capabilities that the consortium will be able to deliver to the security market." Said Mr. Dany Valiquette, President of Dragon Sécurité International Inc.

About Frontline Robotics Inc.:

Frontline Robotics Inc is an innovator in collaborative machine intelligence. Their patent-pending technology, the Robot Open Control™, is a Team Intelligence™ software platform for the control of teams of mobile robots performing coordinated missions in public security applications. The company is actively licensing the Robot Open Control to security, robotics and defense organizations, and is using commercial-off-the-shelf technology to deliver working robots to market. For more information, please visit the company web site at

About ALERT B&C Corporation:

The Corporation is a BioDefence company dedicated to supplying the BioDefence market with high quality technologies, products and solutions, in order to improve and maintain the safety and the security of individuals worldwide.The Intellectual Property owned by ALERT B&C, the MAB Technology has been in use since 2001 by a variety of groups and is a globally recognized technology. For more information about ALERT B&C, visit the Corporation website at

About Dragon Sécurité International Inc.:

Dragon Sécurité International specializes in commercial security. Dragon Security works very closely with their customer's security personnel to maximize video camera utilization to virtually eliminate intrusions. In addition, Dragon Sécurité International increases the use of video monitoring, surveillance and recording systems beyond security to offer additional benefits and ROI for other applications. For more information about Dragon Sécurité International Inc, visit their website at


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