Security Applications - Defense

Our business model for defense Unmanned Surveillance Detection and Response (USDR) systems is to work with militaries and defense contractors to license the ROC software to them and provide advanced sensor fusion and engineering systems integration services such as custom sensor integration and mission programming to provide a turnkey solution. Generally these customers have their own robot platforms, but we are also prepared to help build to suit.

Our current UGVs are well suited to applications requiring coverage of large tracts of rough terrain. The robots collaborate to provide wide-area situational awareness and command & control. They work together to disrupt and interdict threats, buying personnel valuable time to respond. Robots can be equipped with a variety of end-effectors including non-lethal containment devices, personnel retrieval systems or automatic weapon systems.

USDR defense applications include:

DMZ Patrol: Protect hot borders and neutral zones from infiltration and invasion. Mobile robots and a variety of automatic fire installations can form the first line of defense, keeping precious soldiers back in the second line.

Base / Asset Protection: Let robots do the dull, dangerous patrol work and keep soldiers out of harm's way. GRUNTs are vigilant on a 24/7 basis, never suffering from boredom or fatigue. They can provide command posts with wide-area situational awareness and a close-in first look at threats.

Robot Ambulances (MedEvac): UGVs can be configured to retrieve wounded personnel in dangerous situations, autonomously or with direction from other soldiers out of the line of fire.