Security Applications - Homeland Security

Our business model for homeland security is to work with our customers and partners to build Unmanned Surveillance Detection and Response (USDR) systems that include robots, fixed sensors and command and control networks that fit the environment to be protected. Patrolling hundreds of miles of rough border terrain requires different teams of robots than scanning for silent bombs at an airport or protecting the perimeter of a container yard.

We can also provide indoor/outdoor sentries to complement security at critical installations, working collaboratively with each other, with fixed sensors and security personnel. As an example, teams of these robots equipped with radiation sensors can scan for radiation sources and triangulate collaboratively to locate the position of a source.

Our current outdoor UGV implementations are ideal for patrolling large perimeters associated with borders, power plants or airports. The robots work in conjunction with each other and with fixed sensors to take a close-in first look at threat scenarios and to provide disruption and interdiction at the point of intrusion. Mobile robots can swarm intruders and can position themselves between intruders and the assets under protection, buying security forces valuable time to form a strategy.

The ROC can also be applied to our customers' existing robots to improve functionality in dealing with hazardous materials or providing forward recon in hostage situations.

Homeland security applications include:

CBRNE Detection and Containment: Save lives of first-responders and citizens by sniffing out, locating and containing chemical/biological/radioactive/nuclear/explosive threats.

Border Patrol: Protect international borders against infiltration and terrorism.

Perimeter Surveillance / Asset Protection: Protect critical infrastructure and public venues from intrusion, vandalism and terrorist attack. Save lives of security forces and citizens, protect national economies.